Vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability analyses are aimed at all categories of companies, from the agro-industrial world, through SEVESO sites, establishments receiving the public, the tertiary sector, N-Tech, start-ups, etc.

The objectives are to protect your tangible, intangible and human assets from the threats identified during the vulnerability analysis.

This analysis is much more in-depth than the one proposed free of charge by the security referents, which is also the reason why it is charged. This mission can last from 3 to 10 days depending on the size of your site or organization.

It includes a complete visit of the internal and external site, a dialogue with the actors of the field, the production, the maintenance, the logistics, the purchases,…; and with the executive to know your competitive environment. The goal is to identify your threats, your weaknesses, your strengths and to update certain forgotten prejudicial events.

At the end, a report is established, with an action plan and a budget to bring you up to speed.