Data analysis

Exokare offers expertise in data analysis, risk management, price monitoring and competitive intelligence in the following areas

  • Better manage pedestrian, car and truck access flows on your sites.
  • Anticipate the growth of a site before installing an access control system to avoid saturation of traffic lanes.
  • Understand badge anomalies, especially to avoid tailgating or reduce the number of people entering an area without badging; the reason is the politeness of the previous person who holds the door open.
  • Anticipate breakdowns and perform predictive maintenance.
  • Implement “Predictive theft” algorithms to automatically direct your sensitive flows into secure areas (High Risk Value).
  • Carry out statistics on problematic phenomena.
  • Tariff monitoring of products and services.

The deliverables can be in the form of dashboards, maps, analysis reports, or tools that we implement for you to become autonomous.

Study of the occurrence of thefts and the amount of damage
Price monitoring for spare parts (air filter) sold in E-Commerce for a truck manufacturer

We use serveral tools to perform the data extraction and analyse like Python and SQL

Analyse des acteurs exposant sur les salons professionnels de la sécurité sûreté

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