Security Project Management

We assist project owners in their security projects, the creation of crisis centers, and interior and exterior installations to secure goods, people and data. We bring our systemic approach including technical, human, organizational, legal, financial and insurance aspects.

As ASIS Member, new consultant are now preparing the PSP Certification

Physical protection of the site

The physical protection is there to dissuade and slow down intrusions. It is the reinforcement or the creation of fences, gates, walls, ditches, turnstiles, rising barriers, stop barriers, etc.)

Heavy double enclosure fencing project designed and delivered
Testing of stop barriers for a Drôme municipality with potential suppliers

Interior and exterior intrusion detection

Perimeter intrusion detection project in the commissioning phase (during the site visit)

Indoor and outdoor video protection

Cameras for parking protection

Access control

The access control, it is a set including a mechanism of filtering of the vehicles or the authorized persons whose opening is allowed as well by a set of keys, readers of badges or biometric systems.

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