Theft prevention

Internal theft is a real taboo subject in companies. Unfortunately, doing nothing to reduce this scourge leads sooner or later to social problems.

After five years as Loss Prevention Manager for the leading e-commerce company, the founder of Exokare offers you his know-how to significantly reduce theft in your company, your establishment and your logistics flows.

Exokare does not act as a Private Investigation Agent to identify the perpetrators, but our core business is to implement internal measures to reduce or prevent theft in the long term.

Depending on your information system, we can build together predictive theft tools based on our algorithms to protect the flow of raw materials, finished products or goods from end to end.

We reduce up to 80% of the thefts in your companies. The return on investment of our mission is fast.

Example of theft prevention advice on a parcel sorting area
Consulting in theft prevention in the tertiary sector