Project managment

Exokare proposes to the project managers of the following lots:

  • Intrusion detection and alarm
  • Access control
  • Video protection
  • SSI coordination (see below)
  • Project of centralization of your alarms, video and access control in a ” Regional Control Room “.

We work in a multidisciplinary engineering team, such as high and low voltage BET, climatic engineering BE, construction economists, architects, SSI coordinator, etc. We intervene from the diagnostic phase to the acceptance of the work.

Project planning in Gantt format

Exemple de planification de projet type diagramme de Gantt pour la protection physique d’un site

Our computer tools are varied and compatible with other service providers, such as Autocad, M-Project, QGis, etc.

Example of a CA and Intrusion study carried out in a commercial building
Safety site realized in 2008 by the founder of Exokare with more than 6 000m² of laboratories
Design of video infrastructures, IP networks in copper and optical fiber, NVRs and switches

We bring here all our expertise in security and safety.